Long Live our Norton Club

When I arrived in 85,
I left behind a biker life,
rode English copies, rising sun,
afraid of gremlins, they don’t run.

But once up here, upon the Lakes,
I got tired of all the fakes,
go and get a British horse,
and ride authentic, without remorse.
To heck with copies, lets get real,
my English lady has that feel.

Rallied up in Michigan,
met Suzi our superfan,
even then her light shone bright,
at fires lit all through the night.

The flies are black near Kingston forts,
so Guy could not resist,
invited all the Norton sports,
to Lake District and mist.
And soon this club existed in 1999,
thank Guy that he insisted,
with energy sublime.

Rallies followed in Montrose,
elephants with longish nose,
after that by Vince & Gale,
Chucky’s cottage in the dale,
Lavigne too and Gravenhurst,
quenching summer riding thirst.

And here we are at twenty five,
in Letterkenny – still alive,
long live our Norton club,
classic steeds from hub to hub.

A never ending source to bond,
with the brand we love,
from across the pond,
soon enough, electrons rule,
but lets keep open… Norton school.

Bless your season with open eye
Some fool out there will always try

Klaus 2024

Aug 9~11th 2024

Joli Voyageur Resort & Campground

95 Caron Road, Lavigne ON | Visit Joli Voyageur

Weekend Pkg*$99

Friday 2pm until Sunday 12pm
Payment upon Arrival
* Camping not included with rally fee

Reserve campsite with Joli Voyageur
Tel (705) 594-2813

Group Camping $20
Trailer Sites with services $40 | w/o services $30
Rooms in House $75
Bunkies with hydro $100 | w/o hydro $85
Trailer Rentals $125