cvmg Observation Ride 2020

Agreat time was had by all who attended, hosted by Geoff and Marianne Doherty. Riders were paired up and given a score sheet, the goal being to locate things using clues supplied at different stops around the area. Afterwards we had a BBQ and bonfire. This has been planned again for next year, date will be sometime in September.

Thanks Geoff & Marianne

Photos©2020 Manse James

Cherries in the Valley

Finally the moment here, and pitch a tent enjoy a beer
Summer’s strange and almost done, my camping season has begun
With open skies and planets clear, with older bikes and camping gear
Harvest’s riches on display, canines howling night and day
Deers are crossing procreate, and everywhere you meet a mate

Allow with fear across the Nation, another quick interpretation:
Celebrate Our Vehicles In Distinction

Marianne & Geoff our gracious hosts, looked after us with treats and roasts
So generous and well sincere, all the guests were treated here
Been riding to rallies since sixty eight and have rarely seen a spirit so great
Coffee ready, muffins too, a warm garage for me and you, and later a bbq
No need to say all in compliance “Obedience to yoke of science”

Once cold the grill, digest the fill, and lighten up the wood pile in circle style
Attempts were made to tell a joke, by an older English country bloke
But oh alas, it didn’t spark, another pun the night too dark

With temps now flirting with the ice, I feared the night would not be nice
but must report to my surprise, we slept so well and refreshed to rise
My mate however Alpine style (Johannes), trembled frozen for a while
until he drifted sound and sweet, into Alpine supersleep

No comments here on run complete, for Klaus & Johannes did not compete
but those who did stopped thirty times, to ponder riddles of all kinds
Sharp eyes they scanned, obscure locations across the land
Across nations from Lakes on Hills to Snoopy’s Home, hydro power owls alone
Flying pigs and houses blue, over there another clue

Summers end oh equinox, is cooling all our engine blocks
Juices stall no longer flowing, nocturnal times are swiftly growing
But rest assured the spirit shines, in Cherry Valley by the Pines
I hear with gladness, this is fun, we’ll celebrate another run
a year from now in ’21

Thanks again dear M & G for this event and your energy