More than sixty Norton fanatics descended upon Joli Voyageur Resort in Lavigne, Ontario for the second Great White Norton Rally. Hosts Carol and Rodney did a great job accommodating us. Coffee ready in the morning followed by breakfast and dinner both nights. Saturday’s fresh Pickerel dinner was fantastic. They even had a one man band to entertain us at the campfire. Rodney liked us so much he bought a 1961 Norton Atlas 750 and joined ONo!

Saturday Morning started off with coffee and eggs for breakfast, before kick stands up at 10:30 AM.  We had two group rides this year. One long run led by 2 Meter Peter to Temagami via Hwy’s 64, 575 and 11. The second shorter run was led by Manse followed the same route, but turned back at Marten River. After the run we lined up our bikes for photos by Rob Onaville. Thanks Rob.

Richard Metcalf won Best Norton in show with his Atlas. James Sculland won Best British Classic with his ’69 Triumph Bonneville. Peter Gillett won Longest Distance Travelled with his ’75 Commando Interstate. The Bent Valve Award went to 2 Meter Peter because on the pre-ride shakedown the day before the rally the needle dropped in his carb. All was fixed at the side of the road in about 10 minutes.

We had free beer! donated by Macleans Ales.  It was enjoyed. Gary Martel  of  White Knight Promotions in Ottawa donated 9 Norton ball hats for door prizes. Thank you Gary and Maclean Sales.

Thanks to all who attended the rally and helped to make it a great time, we will do this again next year. If you’re ever in Lavigne Ontario… stay at Joli Voyageur.

Special Thanks to Carol and Rodney!

Photos©2021 Rob Onaville

Esprit de Nor[ton]

Ontario Norton Owners, inception ’99,
invited for a special show, with seafood and wine.
Rivers French and churches tall, teaming lakes so grand,
a perfect setting for all riders, of the Motherland.

Inspired by the Guzzi guys and tired of Muskoka flies,
we scouted out the J and V, just down the road from brother Guy,
who added to the song and dance, with a trio called “The Angry Pants”.

To own a Norton, same old spiel, for most of us is an ordeal,
a metaphor for life of sorts, stripping threads in heads & ports.
If you want no trouble seen, go and buy a new machine,
or be like Rodney, check his ways, he bought a Norton in 2 days.

Fish fry under open skies, a baker drops off cakes and pies,
wedding tent, the cook so keen, while Nortons line up on the green,
Richard Metcalfe hands down wins, the “Finest Norton” trophy pin,
the feast in fields may now begin.

Carol, Rodney, listen up, on behalf of our Norton owners club,
a heartfelt thank you straight from us, for the atmosphere & hosting us.
Shooting stars, a summer gift, cut across horizons swift,
waxing moon, a one man band, sending sound waves across the land,
eclectic mix of people and rides, lets meet again at August Ides.

Thank the force behind it all, and may your Norton never stall.